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T-shirt Ribbon

Yardage: 90 yards approx.

Recycled cotton yarn is made from cotton fabric waste collected from textile mills in India where they manufacture saris and other clothing. It has been tied end to end in knots to form a unique vibrant fun art yarn by women's co-operatives and cottage industries. This is great yarn, durable, funky, bright and unusual!
The vibrant colors within each skein and unique texture of these cotton handspun yarns are popular to knitters, designers and artisans. The yarn is suitable for knitting, weaving, crocheting, decorative tassels, patchwork, embroidery, murals, rug making, bags, scarves, hats and many other fiber art projects
. All Our yarns are fair trade and have been handspun by women's co-operatives and small businesses in India. Unique and inspirational yarn supplies.